Pillow e-doggy Dog Bed

New Pillow e-doggy Dog Bed

This traditional pillow dog bed by e-doggy is perfect for all types of dogs from the energetic to the lazy!  Perfect to rest your weary head. 

Available in 19 colours from red to blue to sand and violet, there is definitely one to match your dog’s personality and the decor of your house!

It is made from very high quality eco-leather which is ideal as it makes the bed easy to clean, a damp cloth should do the trick but if it doesn't the outer case is fully removable and machine washable at 30 degrees (please do not tumble dry).


Available in 4 sizes;

Medium  - external size 75cm x 60cm, height 15cm.  Suitable for breeds such as Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Bulldog

Large – external size 100cm x 80cm, height 15cm.  Suitable for breeds such as Labrador, Doberman, Boxer

X Large – external size 120cm x 100cm, height 15cm.  Suitable for breeds such as Mastiff, Alsation, 

XX Large - external size 140cm x 110cm, height 15cm.  Suitable for breed such as Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound etc


Like all e-doggy beds this bed has been carefully made by hand and it is not filled by wadding which can deform after a short period of regular use, instead it is filled by textile remnants from the clothing industry (eg small parts of T-shirt cuttings) which are then stitched together and placed in specially prepared bags.  In addition the beds are also filled with polyester fibres, polyurethane foam and if selected an orthopaedic mat (Visco).  The materials are guaranteed to be highly comfortable and functional. 

As each bed filling contains five different bags full of textile remnants it gives you the chance to replace and refill the worn out filling by yourself so your pooch can enjoy the bed for years to come!

The outer of the bed is made from synthetic leather.  Synthetic leather is known for having a large number of pores and thanks to this only a limited amount of the smells will be absorbed to the inside of the fabric and the inner layer of the bed.  Synthetic leather also only absorbs the heat produced by the dog in a moderate way which means they don’t overheat but will still remain cosy and warm.


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