About Us

Welcome to Your Pet Place!

I’m so excited you’re here!  As you can probably tell I love cats and dogs, in fact my “two eldest children” (my dogs Barney and Reecie) were the inspiration for Your Pet Place. I was fed up with walking in the park and seeing every dog collar and lead looking the same, so I decided to search for good quality, unique products online. The kind of accessories my dogs deserve! 

Although Reecie isn't with us anymore she still plays a big role in my selection of products.  She was an Alsatian-Labrador cross who had an unfortunate start in life as she was used for breeding at a puppy farm for the first 4 years of her life.  We fell in love with her on a visit to one of the Dogs Trust centres and brought her home to join our family. She thoroughly enjoyed being treated to a nice sparkly collar and a bit of pampering!

Barney is a Shar Pei with a love for the finer things in life! He always wants to be warm so his coat and snugly bed are his two favourite things. If it’s slightly chilly outside he won’t set foot out the door without being wrapped up tight!  He has also discovered a love for the camera and can be found modelling some of our products!

Having dogs with such exquisite taste (or is it me?!) meant that finding the kind of products we wanted online became a struggle. It wasn’t just fashion that drove my search, I wanted quality, style and comfort. After a frustrating few months I decided to do it myself, and so Your Pet Place was born!

So feel free to have a look around, we’ve searched far and wide to source high quality products that you and your pets will love. We’ve also kept an eye out for more unusual things that are hard to find, for example over sized beds were important to us as Reecie and Barney were big dogs that liked to share!  We also like to test all our products on our pets and those of family and friends so are confident in what we sell.

Enjoy exploring and we hope you find what you’re looking for, however if you want something in particular and can’t see it here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Best wishes

Jo & Barney